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Bridal Skin Care: Wedding Bells are Ringing

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

So, what do we have here? Many times at our OPD, we see people reaching out, asking for clear skin and healthy grown hair a month before wedding. With a very short time, what can be done? Let's understand and start taking care right.

Wedding Skin Preparation, Glowing skin for Bride
Bridal Skin Care, Bridal Facial, Wedding Skin Care

What are the common needs of a Bride / Groom at their Wedding?

  • To look bright and Glowing - Pigmentation free

  • To have flawless Skin - Scar free

  • DPN, Skin Tags free skin

  • To have a smooth and soft skin that is Hair Free

  • To have healthy, lustrous and shiny hair

  • To not have a dull, sunken looking appearance.

  • Excessive Sweaty palms & Underams

  • Also, those Beautiful Brows..

The mom & dad's of the wedding couple have their set of needs too:

  • To have wrinkle free tensionless appearance

  • To have good skin and hair

  • Black Skin Growths called DPNs, Skin Tags (Face, Neck)

  • Ageing skin changes out of way.

So, based on the amount of changes your skin needs, it is important to start early. So, when is the right time to start skin & hair care? It is right today, be it that the wedding is in 3 or 6 months, a year or a couple of years. The concept is simple. More the time, even smaller interventions can deliver great results, closer to the deadline, the amount of results may not be as expected and you will have to settle with a compromise.

Coming to Bridal Skin Care, which works fine for both the bride and the groom,

Let's break down various skin issue and see when we commonly advice you to start.

Let's say your skin has not much of a damage and you are a regular skin care taker. Then the skin is already getting conditioned, as a simple prep kitty will be the needed max.

1. Acne / Pimples: Please start at least 6 months before and let your skin settle into the regime and be wedding ready. Options at our Clinic include - Acne Control Peels, Pigmentation Solutions, Pico Laser Toning.

2. Acne Scars, planning has to start at least a year or even more. Coz, the way the scar revision occurs, we need to give ample time to get excellent results, our commonly used options include MNRF, which works to improve acne scars, open pores, ageing lines and a lot more. It works as a collagen Boosting therapy to rejuvenate your skin.

3. Skin Lightening: One must start anywhere between 3 - 6 months prior, based on the load of pigmentation involved. The areas needing Pigmentation treatment commonly are

  • Face - Tan, Acne Spots, Melasma, Freckles, Allergic Reactions, Various Melanosis

  • Arms, Legs, Back, Feet, Ankle, Elbow, Underarm Pigmentation

  • Intimate Lightening

  • Under eye Pigmentation

The Treatment options include various choices of Skin Lightening Peels ( Basic, Advanced, Intense) as well as our Most Loved Pico Laser Toning , Carbon Peel and combinations based on intensity of pigmentation as well as the time left till the occasion.

4. Facial Feature Enhancements: That Dull look from a Tear Trough can be recovered with a rejuvenating Tear Trough Filler. Lip Contouring for more lip definition makes you more photogenic when done for the right reasons (not for all).

5. Body Hair Reduction: Smooth Hair free skin with our Latest and most advanced Triple Wave Diode Laser to hit and permanently get you hair free. The right time to start it will be around 6 months to a year prior to your wedding.

6. Body Contouring: There's always that stubborn pad of fat that refuses to go, inspite of all your diet plans and toning exercises, but you want them to go.. Then our Body shaping treatments help you tone your look without sag, as well as get rid of that resistant bundle of fat. The common areas of Fat Loss and toning which people get done at our clinic are:

  • Double chin

  • Arm Fat

  • Love handles, hip & Tummy

  • Inner thigh fat

  • Cellulite

We use Combos of different methods in different proportions to get the needed results. Its important to stick to the regimen and schedule to get the desired results. Also, we need to discuss how much can be realistically achieved in the time period available.

7. DPN, Wart, Skin Tags: A single day session to remove these growths on the face, neck, chest, underam, body, etc. They fall off within a week after the procedure and skin becomes problem free.

8. Hair Fall Treatments: For hair fall control and hair growth, we have seen that awareness has now increased and one does not wait for an occasion to get back good hair. As soon as hair fall increases, you get to medical help and get your hair fall under control and get hair back to the healthy phase.

9. Skin Pampering: For those with minimal or no skin damage, but just want a fresh look and a glow, then our Signature Dermafacial and Signature Hydrafacial work wonders for your skin, when taken 3-4 days before the Celebration.

This is not the only list. There are lot of requests for different requirements before the BIG Day is up. We have only listed the commonly asked procedures. You can reach out with any special treatment and we can up the day for you.

10. Beautiful Brows: For getting defined brows, making it look natural and thicker, with a better arch and improving the boldness of your brows, you will benefit from our Micro blading session.

11. Sweaty Underams & Palms: For a sweatfree happy day, we get you up and ready with the only US FDA approved treatment for hyperhidrosis, which is Botulinum Protein Treatment, which reduces sweat within a week to 2 weeks, so you smell good and feel confident on your D day.

11. Regular Skin Care: This is something you will need whether you take up the treatments or only want to maintain the already problem free skin. Its important to choose right and stay healthy.

Did we leave the siblings of the couple out? Who stops you from getting the same choices to look your best? It's all there for you too. For Mom & Dad of the wedding couple, Call us to know Bridal Skin Care & Lots more.

Also, these set of treatments help you for any social occasion you need to be prepped for, or even as a self confidence boost just for yourself, be it no occasion also.

Save this page, for upcoming or future requirements, so u can carry it with you when you visit us for your Special Skin & Hair Consultation & Prep.

Wish you great Joy and Happiness all through Your Journey of Life.

Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic is a Skin Care Clinic located in Egmore & Neelankarai, making numerous brides & grooms look all fresh and glowing on their great Day. Our Chief expert Dermatologist is Dr. Annie Flora, who practices in both the branches, and will be the one to check and decide on your skin care, hair and nail care. We are reachable by whatsapp on 7338999199, 9840519139.


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