Get rid of unwanted body hair... today

Waxing, threading, shaving, epilating, home remedies... Have u tried all these? If yes, then you know the temporary nature of these hair removal methods...

Let us say, you get access to the best technology in the industry, which helps you erase these unwanted hair, that you no longer even remember the pain, the struggle that weekly hair removal gave. What would you do?

Let us say, this hair removal technology is PAINFREE and PERMANENT. Would'nt that be the best thing that you could gift yourself this decade.. PERMANENTLY SMOOTH AND HAIRFREE SKIN..

Yes, here's our gift to you.. Its our Triple wave Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, with wavelengths that target all kinds of hair, starting from fine vellus hair to extremely thick hair, all at one go. A few sessions and you are done. Any more sudden occasions, surprise parties, meetings, celebrations, or even if you are at a swimming pool and would love to dive in, you may never need to prepare for hours to get the grizzly bear look - off.

Our laser targets growing hairs, while the resting follicles need to recycle and get back to the growing stage at next session to be effectively erased (that explains the repeat sessions).

How should you plan the session?

If previously waxing has been done, please wait for a week or a couple of weeks for the hairs to sprout out, as Laser needs the growing strand to reach to the root to destroy the hair.

What to expect during the session?

Our skilled Practitioner cleanses, checks the strand thickness, condition of the are being treated, checking skin health, making sure everything's ready before starting the session. The advantage of this Laser is that the energy can be adjusted to your comfort, thereby all you feel is a little warmth when the laser hair removal is done. Once done, skin just looks like it has been shaved.

When can you get to see the results?

Results start showing after 3 weeks, when the actual hair free period can be appreciated. With subsequent sessions, hair free period keeps getting longer.

Is Laser hair reduction only for women?

Laser used for permanent hair reduction works the same way for both men and women, So when men want to have the best method, Laser works fine for men too.

Do all body hairs respond the same way?

The best results are obtained for underarms, Legs, Arms, Abdomen and bikini areas, face, esp in that order. The frequency of sessions vary among different body part, while the end result after few months is being HAIR FREE throughout.


Do not wax, thread in between laser sessions to prevent losing the benefit of Laser.

@ Neelankarai, Chennai branch of Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic, you finally get to ERASE..

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