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Dark Lips - Lip Lightening

What causes dark lips?

Lips are generally of different shades in different individuals, based on the skin type of the person. The cause of pigment in lips is melanin. so, the density and number of melanocytes and melanin determines lip colour.

Causes for dark lips can range from

  • Genetic - family history of dark lips

  • Lack of hydration - dry chapped lips - dryness causes darkness

  • Smoking

  • Allergy to lip cosmetics

  • Using lead containing lip balms and lipsticks

  • Sun exposure induced darkness

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Idiopathic - or ? reason is a mystery in some

Are dark lips permanent? Can dark Lips be lightened?

Isn't this the doubt of everyone with dark lips. The cause determines the progress and the outcome of treatment. Lip lightening treatments reduce the intensity of the pigmentation, definitely. Maintaining them varies from patient to patient. So, its safe to say that lip darkness need not be permanent. Treatment options work to reduce the amount of darkness and help lighten dark lips.

Are there any Creams for dark lips?

Lip lightening creams are a little different from rest of the face. this is because, skin of the lips are thinner and do not have any oil glands. Lip peeling agents also help to lighten lips.

Do dark lips from smoking lighten?

Smoking does cause lip damage and thereby darkening of lips. Oxidative damage from smoking and free radical injury are major reasons for smoking induced damage to literally any part of the body. Lips also are exposed to the nicotine in cigarette which also attribute to the darkness. Reduced vascularity is another major reason for damage. It is possible to lighten this dark pigmentation also. Stopping smoking goes a long way to good physical health of all internal organs as well as the lips. Smoking cessation is good for lip lightening. Resistant lip pigmentation due to smoking can be treated with laser lightening. Can you get rid of dark lips? Keep reading to know how.

How to lighten dark lips? How to treat dark lips? Dark Lips Remedy & Treatment Options:

  • Lip dryness can be treated with the right kind of lip balms, adequate hydration internally - drink lots of water and moisturise lips regularly.

  • Intense lip Hydration is achieved with Lip fillers - Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Volift.

  • Lip Lightening Treatments with home care - Lip lightening gels and creams

  • Lip Lightening Peel Treatments - works to reduce mild to moderate lip darkness and helps lighten lips

  • Lip Lightening Laser - Laser Peel - Pico Laser is the latest and advanced technology to lighten very tough to treat lip pigmentation.

All treatments for lips are based on which will suit for that particular kind of pigmentation. So, its important to consult and understand how and which to choose.

Is lip lightening permanent?

Lip Lightening results with laser are long lasting. Its also important to correct our lifestyle if we want to retain results. Hydrate, moisturise, sun protect, have a good night sleep and eat healthy. Your lips will reflect your health.

Who can treat dark lips?

As any skin on the body, the lip skin is also to be treated by your expert Dermatologist only. It is unsafe to self treat with different agents and kitchen ingredients suggested by the internet or youtubers , since the soft skin has to be handled gently. Also, skin creams meant for face or body should not be used on the lip skin. Get safe and professional treatment to have great looking lips.

DIY lip lightening:

Home remedies like a honey mask on lips can help in lightening. Curd over lips can help hydrate due to the lactic content in it. Other agents will be too strong to the lips skin.

To know more about lip lightening treatment, which treatment works for lip lightening?Lip lightening laser, How much does lip lightening cost? etc. and other details, call our clinic on 7338999199 or 9840519139 and our team will clarify your doubts on lip treatments at Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic, both in Egmore & Neelankarai Branches of one of the Best Skin Clinic in Chennai.