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Food and Hair Fall

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

When we consume food which is not prepared at home, lets say from hotels, vendors, etc, the hygiene of the food and the chef is in question and we tend to be affected by it. Especially, improperly cooked food, raw food, can cause worm infestations . Why worm infestation needs to be treated? Because, tummy worms prevent nutrition absorption and also cause anemia, which means our Hemoglobin reduces. When Iron and Hemoglobin reduces and we run short of Nutrition, naturally our hair is one of the first to be affected in our body. So, it is important to Visit your consultant and maintain a de-worming schedule to keep your nutrients reaching you well. This is a very common, yet avoidable cause for hair fall. Click link below to see video related to this, and for other videos on skin and hair:

#hairgrowth #goodfood #hairfallcontrol #haircaretips #biotin #hairvitamin #skincareclinic #skinspecialist #hairspecialist Dr. Annie Flora, Dermatologist, Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic, Egmore and Neelankarai Branches, Chennai

For further details on hair fall control and hair growth, do reach out to us, to help you get better. You can whatsapp or call us on 7338999199, 9840519139 today.


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