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Varicocele Treatment

Infertility Cure

About the Treatments

What is Varicocele? Varicocele is the abnormal engorgement of the blood vessels around the testis, causing gonadotoxicity and infertility in males. Is varicocele harmful? Is varicocele Dangerous? Does all varicocele need surgery? Mild to moderate varicocele doesnt need much of a treatment and can be managed conservatively, without surgery. In cases of severe varicocele causing male infertility, it needs correction to restore normal sperm counts and function. What is varicocele surgery? Varicocele surgery or Varicocelectomy is a simple surgical correction, where the dilated and enlarged blood vessels with abnormal location and function are removed. Wound is sutured and it heals well and the varicocele correction is complete. This is done as a day care surgery and it helps restore fertility potential in affected persons. To know more on varicocele surgery, who can do varicocele surgery, where to get surgery done, cost of varicocele surgery and other queries, you can reach our clinic at Egmore and Neelankarai to book your appointment with our Urologist, Dr. Griffin. Ray and Rio's Speciality Clinic has treated numerous patients with varicocele, both non surgically and surgically and has helped them get back to normalcy. Whatsapp or Call 9840519139, 7338999199 today.

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Appointment confirmation. Will be done from clinic end. Please wait. Cancellation from your end needs to be done at least 24 hrs. prior to the appointment.

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