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Urethral Stricture

Tight Urinary Tract Correction

About the Treatments

What is Urethra Stricture? Stricture is a tightening of the pathway of urinary flow. It occurs due to scarring of the urinary tract. Why does Urinary Stricture Occur? Urinary Stricture can occur due to several reasons. * Urinary Infections * STD - Sexually transmitted infections * Birth defects * Urinary surgeries * Catheterisation induced damage What are the symptoms of Urinary Stricture? Restricted urine flow occurs due to scarring of the urinary tubes, called as urethral stricture. It presents as: * Thin stream of Urine. * Feeble and limited urine flow * Complete block of urine flow * too much straining to pass urine Treatment for Urinary Stricture: Mild strictures can be treated by serial dilatations - in hospital, followed by patient at home under guidance. If moderate stricture is there, it is corrected endoscopically by internal urethrotomy or Teflon dilatation or Laser. For complex strictures, advanced reconstruction surgery is done like - Buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty. To know more on why stricture urethra occurs, what can be done for stricture urethra, how to treat stricture urethra, what are the treatment options for urethral stricture, do call our Urology Clinic in Egmore, Neelankarai to book your appointment with our Urologist, Dr. Griffin. M,

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