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Skin Consultation

Expert Dermatologist Consultation for the Best Treatment for your Skin or hair Problems.

About the Treatments

Your Skin Specialist is one who can understand your skin problems in detail and provide you with scientific solution for the disease, with a treatment plan and follow up regimen. Some skin conditions need rigorous follow up and meticulous care. So, fix up and stick to the protocol to have a safe and excellent skin and hair treatment. Common conditions needing skin consultation with your skin expert include Allergies, Skin Fungal infections, Skin Immune disorders, Eczema, Rashes, Pigmentation, Acne or Pimples, Vitiligo , Leukoderma, Skin Growths like Lipoma, Sebaceous Cysts, Abcess, Skin Infections, Hair Problems like Hair Fall, Patchy Alopecia, Baldness, etc. Any nail disease will need a consultation with your Dermatologist. At Ray and Rio's Speciality Clinic, we offer a wholesome approach to give you the best skin and hair care.

Cancellation Policy

Appointment confirmation. Will be done from clinic end. Please wait. Cancellation from your end needs to be done at least 24 hrs. prior to the appointment.

Contact Details


    Neelankarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    99405 19139


    Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    99405 19139

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