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Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

Pico Laser - Latest Technology to Remove Tattoos

About the Treatments

What is a Tattoo? Tattooing is introducing ink into the deeper layers of the skin, where it stays permanently. This method is used for having permanent designs, names, images on the skin. What is tattoo removal? Removal of this ink which is placed under the skin is known as tattoo removal. People try several home remedies for tattoo removal, but they either don't work or cause skin damage. So, let's know the safest tattoo removal method. How is tattoo removal done? Tattoo ink absorb different light wavelengths based on the colour and depth of the ink. When such a wavelength is delivered as a laser light, the tattoo ink gets blasted and becomes very tiny particles, which easily get removed from the site of tattoo. Which Laser is the Best for Tattoo Removal? Pico Laser hits the tattoo ink in Pico waves, which blast the in without injuring the surrounding skin, thereby making it the safest and most efficient method of Tattoo Removal. Nano Q switched Laser also removes tattoo but the Pico wave outdoes it by a vast improvement in technology and results. How Safe is Laser Tattoo Removal? Laser Beam is only absorbed by the ink in the tattoo and not any other part of the skin, making it the safest for removing tattoo. These wavelengths do not harm the skin or body in any other way. Protective Eye gear and shield are used to maintain safety during the procedure. Laser Tattoo Removal is absolutely safe and effective. Can Laser Tattoo Removal Be done in Pregnant Women? As with any Lasers, We avoid doing Laser Tattoo Removal in a pregnant Woman, owing to studies not being done in that domain, hence we restrict. Is tattoo removal Painful? A numbing cream is used to keep the session comfortable. What is the Aftercare Post Laser Tattoo Removal? Skin needs to be given the needed care for recovery, as the ink gets shed from the skin post the laser. Skin Peeling can occur for a week, during which soothing creams and moisturisers and protective agents are used. How many sessions will laser tattoo removal take? Results of a tattoo removal : Number of session depends upon the density of ink, depth of ink in the tattoo, colour of the tattoo, location of the tattoo. Compared to the older generation of Lasers, the number of sessions is least with the Pico Laser. Anywhere from 4 to 6 or 8 sessions may be needed based on the above parameters. For Queries , reach out to Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic, Best Tattoo Removal Clinic in Chennai. - Neelankarai & Egmore.

Cancellation Policy

Appointment confirmation. Will be done from clinic end. Please wait. Cancellation from your end needs to be done at least 24 hrs. prior to the appointment.

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