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Laser Toning

Pico Laser for Skin Lightening and Tan Removal

About the Treatments

What is Pigmentation? Pigmentation is a change of colour of our skin away from normal. Hyperpigmentation is change of colour to darker shade than normal. It can occur as spots, patches or the entire area can be hyperpigmented. What are the Common Reason of Pigmentation? The commonest reason is the skin tan that happens due to Sunlight induced damage. Acne or Pimples leave behind spots of Pigmentation on the Face and Back. Freckles, Lentigenes, Melasma are other pigmentary conditions involving particularly the sun exposed areas of the face. Lichen Planus Pigmentosus, Nevus of Ota, Seborrheic Melanosis are some of the other common causes of Pigmentation. Level of Pigmentation: Pigmentation can be superficial or Epidermal level, or Deep Pigmentation in the Dermal Level. What to do for Pigmentation? Resistant Pigmentation which does not resolve easily with regular medications or routine Peel treatments will need a stronger technology to clear them. How does Pico Laser Work? Pico Laser work on the mechanism of Laser Light being absorbed by the pigment molecules which in turn are blasted, thereby making them disappear from the area of dark spots or dark skin. Slowly post Laser, the pigmentation fades and skin lightens. What is Laser Toning? Laser Toning is helping skin get into the right tone with Laser Beam being able to even out the complexion and get rid of blemishes. How long does it take to see results? Laser toning results start showing after a month and it works well to diffuse difficult to treat pigmentation and tan. How many sessions of Laser will be needed for results? Skin lightening with Laser toning takes around 3 - 6 sessions on an average to give good skin pigmentation reduction Some may need more, some may need less, based on the kind of pigmentation and the depth of pigmentation. What After Care is needed after Pico Laser? Good sunprotection, moisturising the skin, followed by the regular home care actives given are to be followed in order to get excellent results. What is the Downtime after Laser Toning? Skin gets back to normal the next day. In some cases, skin may have peeling for a few days and then goes back to normal. Hence, the downtime is nil or minimal. For further queries on Laser Toning at Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic, one of the Best Laser Clinic in Chennai , or if you have any doubts on session details, price of Laser Toning, After Care or to schedule an appointment, please call us on 7338999199 or 9840519139

Cancellation Policy

Appointment confirmation. Will be done from clinic end. Please wait. Cancellation from your end needs to be done at least 24 hrs. prior to the appointment.

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