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Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones and Urinary Stone Treatment

About the Treatments

What are Kidney Stones? Kidney Stones are formed due to deposits of salts, agents inside the kidney. These stones can grow over a period of time and become big inside the kidney from few millimetres to several centimetres. Some stones move down from the kidney and block the ureter. So kidney stones can be found in various parts of the urinary system. What are the symptoms of kidney stones? Kidney stones based on their location, can cause symptoms like severe pain - back pain, loin pain, pain along the movement of the stone. Kidney stones can cause obstruction and infection, resulting in high fever, vomiting. Stones can tear through the urinary tract and cause blood in urine. Kidney stones if cause a block, urine gets blocked, so urine output is reduced. This causes kidneys to swell and in severe cases, can cause bursting and rupture of the kidneys. What to do for kidney stones? Depending on stone size, symptoms and complication, kidney stones can be treated with only medicines or surgery (minimal invasive) or endoscopic. Drinking water thinking it will flush out stones is risky. Also, over the counter medications without a doctors prescription and evaluation have caused more harm than help in most cases. Complications of Kidney Stones * Kidney Infection - Mild to severe - Pyonephrosis *Stone Blocking urine - causes Hydroureteronephrosis( retention of urine inside the kidney due to block) * Kidney Rupture (Urinoma) * Hematuria - Blood in urine * Kidney failure - Requiring Dialysis - If picked up early and intervened, progression to complete renal failure can be avoided. What are the treatment for kidney stones? Based on American Urology Guidelines we can manage the stones depending on many factors. Non Surgical Endoscopic methods like - RIRS ( Retrograde Intrarenal surgery + Laser Lithotripsy) - Scarless endoscopic procedure. Can resume full activities & Back to work in a couple of days. Mini /Ultramini Supine PCNL ( Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy) - Mini Keyhole procedures for Larger stone burden like Staghorn ESWL - Non surgical shock wave lithotripsy depending on hardness of the stone. To know more about kidney stone treatment in chennai, cost of kidney stone surgery, Call our Urology Clinic, Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic in Chennai on 7338999199 or 9840519139

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