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Growth Factor Concentrate - GFC

Advanced and Refined Solutions for Skin & Hair

About the Treatments

What is GFC? GFC or Growth Factor Concentrate is and advanced version or a refined form of PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. Hence, it is another armamentarium in the hair growth treatments and scar revision and skin rejuvenation treatments. How does GFC Work? GFC is a derivative of our blood cells called Platelets. Our body's platelets are the power houses of growth factors. Growth factors are needed for repair and regeneration of tissues. So when our hair follicles are stressed out and are refusing to move into the growing phase, they will need a nudge, a slight push to start growing. This boost is given by GFC. GFC vs PRP GFC and PRP differ in the preparation methods only. PRP involves harvesting platelets as a whole and then infusing them into the needed areas, where they activate and distribute their growth factors. In GFC, the platelets are activated in vitro ( in the GFC tubes ) and from there, the growth factors are alone taken and infused into the hair or skin. Procedure of GFC The targeted area is made numb with an anesthetic cream to reduce discomfort during the procedure. The GFC is given as tiny droplets being injected into the scalp for going close to the hair roots and restarting dormant follicles into the growth phase. In the face, in the scar tissues, or in the areas of stretch marks, when GFC is injected it can stimulate collagen production, helping scars to fade and stretch marks to improve. What is the Downtime of GFC? GFC has minimal downtime. You can return to work the next day. Just defer from sweaty workouts and swimming pools for a couple of days after the procedure. What are the Benefits of GFC? * Hair Fall Control and Hair Regrowth * Scar Revision * Fine lines correction - wrinkle treatment * Stretch mark removal Can GFC be combined with other Procedures? GFC can be combines with Laser for Scar Revision, Microneedling , MNRF, Fractional Threads, Dermal Threads for Collagen Stimulation. To know more about GFC, to know the cost of GFC treatment in Chennai at Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic, Call us today. 9840519139, 7338999199

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