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Carbon Laser Peel

Hollywood Peel or Laser Peel

About the Treatments

What is a Carbon Peel? Carbon particles are great absorbers of Laser Light. In Carbon Laser Peel or Hollywood Peel as it is popularly called, we use Carbon particles to be embedded in your skin and pores, so when laser light is passed on the skin, the carbon particles shatter and the skin gets a better impact of Laser to help skin lighten better. How is Carbon Peel / Laser Peel Done? In this procedure, a thin film of carbon is applied on the skin and it gets into the pores. When carbon peel is done with Pico Laser, the pigmentation molecules are also targeted along with the carbon particles. Since Pico Laser is the Most advanced Pigment Laser, it works the most effective way and is the safest for our skin. What are the benefits of Hollywood Peel or Carbon Peel? Carbon Peel repeated on a regular basis helps open pores look less prominent, rejuvenates skin, reduces pigmentation and brightens skin. Carbon Particles enable better Laser Absorption and Benefits the skin to the maximum. It is much superior to Laser Photofacial. Does Laser Carbon Peel have a downtime? What is the after care? Laser Peel is a quick office procedure with no down time. The results start showing in the next week. For best results, regular sessions are needed. Who can Do Carbon Laser Peel? Anyone who wants to rejuvenate skin can take it. With little donwtime you are good to go back to your routine same day. Is Carbon Peel Safe? Carbon Peel is very safe, as it is Laser energy dependent which can only selectively target specific pigments and does not cause any internal damage or any harm to the body. All Lasers have been tested and proved for safety for humans and hence they are quite safe. Does Carbon Peel remove Acne Scars? Carbon Peel works to remove dead skin, tighten open pores, but acne scar treatment is best done with MNRF, Fractional CO2 which are more powerful for those indication. How long does Hollywood Peel take for a session? It takes 45 minutes to complete a Laser Peel session. After the particles are imbibed by the skin - 15 minutes, they are blasted away in another 30 minutes. Which Clinic offers Carbon Peel? At Ray and Rio's Speciality Clinic, Neelankarai branch we have the Pico Laser for Carbon Peel, one of the latest and maximum efficacy laser for skin rejuvenation. For further doubts on carbon Peel or Laser Peel, To know the cost of Carbon Peel in Chennai, to know how to book an appointment for a Laser Carbon Peel in Chennai, Call us today.

Cancellation Policy

Appointment confirmation. Will be done from clinic end. Please wait. Cancellation from your end needs to be done at least 24 hrs. prior to the appointment.

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    Neelankarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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