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Laser Hair Removal in Chennai- Triple wave Diode

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Facial hair in women, starting from peach fuzz to thick dark hair on upper lip, chin, side locks is one thing that keeps nagging everyday begging to be gone permanently. Underam hair, arms, legs, any body part that gets hairy, needs removal for two reasons -

  • personal hygiene - to reduce body odor & to reduce chances of infection and folliculitis

  • Personal Image - a sense of clean and soft skin to have the confidence up at all times.

For the above reasons, all of us may do one thing or the other.. #shaving #waxing #threading #epilating #laserhairremoval

Of all the methods (excluding laser), we need to keep in mind the recurring efforts and time spent in that work of hair removal - every week or fortnight, atleast a couple of hours for full body hair removal, and before you start enjoying the smooth skin, the hair is back and the process restarts.. So, to get it done perfectly well and to keep you troublefree and hair free, we at Ray & Rio's Speciality Clinic, Neelankarai, Chennai, bring you the latest technology in the field ..

THE TRIPLE WAVE DIODE - a revolution in Laser Hair Removal

How is this different from the regular diode and the Nd- YAG traditional Laser?

Triple wave combines 3 wavelengths - 755 nm, 808 nm & 1064 nm.. So, what does this mean to your troubles? It means... it's effective against all kinds and thickness of hairs at the same time. Soft vellus hair to thick dark hair - all can be effectively removed, much better than the regular lasers and with better comfort coz it is less painful. Large body areas can be covered quickly, helping you get back to your work sooner. Gone are the days when you had to keep 2 days from your time seperately for each laser session.

The other greatest advantage is that the results are incomparable to traditional methods where only hair reduction is possible. To top it up, the number of sessions needed is lesser than the conventional Diode Laser, or the Long Pulse NdYAG Laser.

Triple wave Laser is the game changer and

The Best Gift you can give yourself is "Being Hairfree Always". So, why wait?

Call us on 9840519139, 7338999199 to know about Laser Hair Removal. To experience the best and effective laser, do visit us to try it out. Lets together keep your skin silky and hairfree.