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Skin & Hair Care Offers @ Ray & Rio's

- We want you to shine this year, looking & feeling your Best !!! Hence, here are our Offers on our Frequented Services

We at Ray & Rio's have been taking care of Skin & Hair needs of several thousands of patients, over the last 14 years. As we step into new year, to delight our existing clients as well as to help those looking for a trustworthy centre to entrust your care, here we are to take care of you, while giving you the Best, at very affordable price, so you dont miss out on any.. Here's our gift for your NEW YEAR...

new year offers on skin and hair care in chennai
New year Skin care offers

We decided to be the first to gift you a Great Skin & Hair Care for 2024.

Our Professionally tested procedures are the Best when it comes to CARE.. So, What all have we formulated for you.

Offer on Carbon Peel / Hollywood Peel:

Lighten Pigmentation & Blast away the Spots & Blemishes with our Pico Carbon Laser Peel at an exclusive offer of 30% on our new year package. Its called Hollywood Peel Coz of the fame of the treatment and the result it could give. Carbon peel leaves you with a softer, smoother skin which is also bright & glowing at the same time. No downtime, hence can be taken in between or on your way to work as well.

Get Carbon Peel or hollywood peel at best price in chennai
Carbon Peel / Hollywood Peel in Chennai

Laser Hair Removal @ Exciting Offer:

Get Permanent Hair reduction or rather removal with our advanced Laser Tech, it has all 3 wavelengths to tackle all kinds of hair and it is the safest for south Indian Skin type. Also, get the never before offer of 20 - 40% offer from small to large body parts. Hereafter, You can literally forget you had to visit parlours for regular hair removal. You can stay hairfree for life henceforth with this affordable and super effective package..

Get the Best Price for Laser Hair Removal in Chennai
Laser Hair Removal At Chennai

Skin Lightening Peels:

What can be better than to have a brighter looking skin as you step into this new year. Lets fade those spots, lets reduce the tan, lets reduce any unwanted dark areas and even the skin tone. All this, with our new year offer of 30% Offer. We only promise to give you realistic and safe results. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hydrafacial At Best Offer:

This is the favourite of all our clients who use it as a monthly maintenance to keep their skin fresh and glowing. It is now your turn to try it out if not already. And it is DIFFERENT from any other Hydrafacial you have seen in the industry, coz it is our own protocol and technique which is kept different for each skin type and need. We are proud of our Procedure and would love to see you try it. Get it at 40% off today. Offer valid for package sessions..

Get Hydrafacial at the best Price in chennai
Best Hydrafacial in Chennai

Look Younger - Reduce Sag:

If you are a person who would love to look younger, but would not like to try Botox, Fillers, MNRF, Threads, PRP, etc, which you find a little invasive, then the RF tightening is the Best treatment to go forward with. Try 3-6 sessions and get a look that everyone around notices. Its subtle, but great.. What RF tightening does:

  • reduces cheek sag

  • reduces double chin

  • gives brow lift

  • reduces fat from bulky contours

Get our RF Tightening sessions at 30% Discount for 3 & 6 sessions.

RF tightening for Younger looking you today at Chennai
Reduce Sag, Look younger

Body Shaping:

Get our Cryolipolysis & EMT Therapy which is meant for reducing body fat & toning your muscles. Offers are from 20-50% Off for various body parts.

Reduce fat in

  • Arms

  • Double chin

  • Tummy

  • Inner Thigh

  • Love handles

Tone the muscles of your arms, thighs, abdomen & lovehandles.. (available at Neelankarai Branch)

Cryolipolysis & EMSCULPT in Chennai
Lose fat, look slimmer, get a toned look

These offers are to help you start new year with your Best Skin & Hair & we want to be a part of that Journey of yours. Join us and Let's take your confidence higher.

To claim your Offer, Click 👉🏼👉🏼 Whatsapp: OFFER2024 and get the Offer you desire. Offer Ends as soon as our offer slots are booked. Hurry and get yours today.


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