Smooth Skin - Microdermabrasion

How would it feel, when you run your fingers on your skin and feel its texture to be soft and smooth? Would'nt we love to do that often, if we had such a skin?

So, here's to our time tested procedure ... Microdermabrasion at Ray and Rio's Speciality Clinic. This procedure not only works on the skin, but the method also makes the skin work from within. That means, slowly, with regular microdermabrasion maintenance, your skin slowly recovers from fine lines, blemishes and becomes a well maintanined skin in the long run..

Technically speaking, this method of skin polishing achieves technology based exfoliation as well as stimulation of collagen production, lightening pigmentation, giving an even skin tone. More technicality? It works using Aluminium oxide crystals or Diamond tip ( any one), to superficailly remove the top layer of dead skin, along with a vacuum to suction out the debris or the exfoliated skin, leaving you with a fresher skin, than before. It thus serves as an integral part of our Ray and Rio's Dermafacials, where skin is also nourished with vital nutrients..

So, here's to soft, youthful, fresh skin... ALWAYS..

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