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Microblading - For Beautiful Brows

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

All you need to know about Microblading - in short

What is Microblading?

So, When you want an arched Brow, or a thicker Brow, or a cover for that scar on your brow, or you just want your brow to extend longer, what would you do? You read ahead. We are breaking it up for you in simple terms on Brow Microblading. The only choice for Brow reshaping.

Concept of Microblading:

The art of Microblading involves, placing organic ink materials under the skin in desired pattern to create the look which we want for our Brows. This is not equal to a tattoo in the skin. This aims for a natural looking brow, with a semi permanent effect. So lets learn the details of how we do the microblading at our clinic.

Who needs Microblading?

The right candidate for microblading could be you, if you have:

  • Very thin (width) looking Brows

  • Sparse hair in the brow area

  • Short Brows

  • Alopecia Areata or other Alopecia causing loss of Hair in the Brow area

  • Just want an arch, while the rest of the Brow is fine.

  • Want a little dense look at the centre

  • Want hair coverage for the scar in the brow area

  • Do not want a hair transplant in the brow area ( which is a much tedious process for such results)

  • You just don't want to do the Brow Pencil every day.

Pre-Planning for Microblading:

  • Health Check - Rule out Autoimmune conditions (active), Diabetes, etc

  • Planning - Discussing on the result needed

  • Removing Brow extras - to get the border to plan further workings.

  • Mapping the Brow - getting it approved, to the liking of the client

Microblading ink:

The ink we use for Brow Microblading are organic inks.

The colour shade is chosen based on the skin type and hair type. Sometimes we may need to blend in colours to get the perfect match. The advantage of these organic inks is that the tendency to allergies and rejection is very very less, compared to the commercial metal inks. When fading from the skin, these inks do not cause any colour change which is awkward. Hence, we use what is the Best Ink for Microblading.

How Microblading is Done?

  1. Brow Mapping - Symmetry marking, start, volume, arch, tail

  2. Numbing Agent - To reduce discomfort - so, its not very painful.

  3. Once numbing agent is removed, the process involves drawing hair like strokes, with an aesthetic artistic hand, blending it with the neighbouring hair , during which ink is allowed to enter the skin., the process is done uniformly on both sides.

  4. Brow shape, density of strokes, shortness or longer length strokes, all depend on the existing hair. The feathering technique gives the best look in terms of microblading

  5. Once all touchup as needed is completed, skin is sealed with an ointment.

After-care after microblading:

It is important to not wash the face, but rather just use wet wipes to clean the face, for the next 1 week till healing is complete in the Brow area.

There will be little amount of scabbing on the area where microblading is done, which settles after a week.

One can go back to normal routine in a week's time , by the time the results settle in

Its then time to Enjoy the results of Microblading.

How long does Microblading results last?

Results of Microblading last anywhere between 6 months to a year, based on how well the after care was followed, how much of sun exposure is there, etc. If skin turnover agents are used in that area, skin exfoliates and the ink is lost early. So, various factors determine how long the results last. Proper After care, gives a longer lasting effect.

Cost of Microblading in Chennai.

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