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Know your skin

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Did you know? Your skin talks. It converses with the internal environment of your body and your brain, keeps body temperature under control, helps Vitamin D formation, its the lamination you are born with.

Your skin is not a fixed, static, boring sheet on your body. Your skin is very dynamic. It is a huge factory, running an entire empire. It showcases you to the Entire World.

Your skin does have its needs to stay and function healthily. It is a mirror of internal issues like:

  1. Hydration status - dehydration

  2. Anemia

  3. Loss of lipids

  4. Protein deficit

  5. autoimmune diseases

  6. Thyroid issues

  7. Diabetes

  8. Metabolic issues

  9. Vitamin abnormalities

  10. Liver disorders

  11. Heart conditions

  12. Kidney issues

  13. Neurological trouble, and the list goes on.

So, it is the most important interface between you and the environment outside. To take proper care of your skin, you need to take precautions and proper skin maintenance.

It is important to know your skin type and the kind of

  1. Bath care

  2. Wash care

  3. Moisturising care

  4. Sun protection

  5. Correction of blemishes

  6. Age protection, and much more

To know the best way to take care of your skin, do reach out to us, at any of our branches, either at Neelankarai or Egmore. Call us on 7338999199 to book your derma care appointment today.


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