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Is Biotin Good for Hair?

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Is biotin good for hair? are biotin gummies good? Is biotin safe?
Biotin supplement for Hair

Biotin seems to be everywhere. Biotin tablets, biotin gummies, Biotin sachets, even serums and shampoos scream biotin..

So, what is the truth about Biotin? Let's dig deeper..

What is Biotin?

Biotin is nothing but a part of the Vitamin B complex. The list of Vitamins in that are:

  • B1 (thiamin)

  • B2 (riboflavin)

  • B3 (niacin)

  • B5 (pantothenic acid)

  • B6 (pyridoxine)

  • B7 (biotin)

  • B9 (folate [folic acid])

  • B12 (cobalamin)

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are a group of substances that are needed for normal cell function, growth, and development. There are 13 essential vitamins. By essential, we mean, we need them from the diet, some of them can also be processed by our body from other forms (they do not come under the essential list).

What is the role of Biotin?

Biotin is an important part of enzymes in the body that break down substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others. There isn't a good test for detecting low biotin levels, so it's usually identified by its symptoms, which include thinning hair and red scaly rash around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

What dose of Biotin is needed?

Biotin is present in our daily diet, the Recommended Daily Allowance is the Quantity needed for normal functioning of the body activities with that particular vitamin.



Birth to 6 months

​5 mcg

Infants 7-12 months

6 mcg

Children 1-3 yrs

8 mcg

Children 4-8 yrs

12 mcg

Children 9 - 13 yrs

20 mcg

Teens 14 - 18 yrs

25 mcg

Adults 19+ yrs

30 mcg

Pregnant Women

30 mcg

Breast feeding mothers

35 mcg

Biotin is found in which foods?

Many of our regular intake foods contain biotin.

  • Meat, fish, eggs, and organ meats (such as liver)

  • Seeds and nuts

  • Certain vegetables (such as sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli)

Biotin Deficiency:

Biotin deficiency is very rare. Biotin deficiency can cause thinning hair and loss of body hair; a rash around the eyes, nose, mouth, and anal area; pinkeye; high levels of acid in the blood and urine; seizures; skin infection; brittle nails; and nervous system disorders. Symptoms of biotin deficiency in infants include weak muscle tone, sluggishness, and delayed development.

Certain groups of people are more likely than others to have trouble getting enough biotin:

  • People with a rare genetic disorder called “biotinidase deficiency”

  • People with alcohol dependence

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Biotin supplement for Hair Growth:

Will Biotin supplements help hair fall control and help in hair growth? The answer is YES and NO. Why? It's because, Biotin is one of the many supplements needed for hair growth. Taking only one supplement will not correct the entire cause of hair loss.

What to do for hair fall?

It is important to find all the causes of hair fall and to be treated as a whole. Supplements for hair growth, include Biotin and other agents. Get a consultation today to find out the cause of your hair fall and start the right treatment, so you can be benefited the right way.

Book your consultation today for Hair Fall control and hair growth. Time lost without the right treatment, is HAIR LOST. Act today.. Save your hair.