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Dry Skin Care

Winter season or Rainy Season - the two seasons when we love to take bath is warm to hot water to escape the cold running water.

Lets understand what we need to do for skin care in winter.

What does skin contain? - top layer on the skin

Our skin's top layer contains a layer of fat and proteins, called as NMF or natural moisturising factors which act like a sealing agent on the top layer. Benefit of this top layer is that it prevents entry of harmful agents through the skin. it acts like a skin barrier, protecting the inner layers from environmental damage.

What does hot water bath do to the skin?

Hot water bath removes these natural moisturising factors, or the nature given oil of the skin. Once this skin barrier is lost, we get dry, flaky, cracked skin. Adding to the trouble, the over usage of soap and too much of lather cause more damage. Dry skin looks bad. but that is not it.

Harmful effects of Dry Flaky skin:

When barrier is lost, skin opens up. All harmful chemicals, allergens from outside can easily enter the skin and can trigger irritant reactions or allergic reactions. Skin starts weeping and we end up with eczemas. Further, the entry of bacteria and virus and other organisms also happens resulting in infections, sepsis, cellulitis, etc in patients who are prone for it.

How to take care of Dry Skin? How to prevent Dry skin?

Bathing Routine in Winter season:

  1. Quick shower

  2. Cold to lukewarm water - a strict no to Hot water

  3. Less Lather only

  4. Only moisturizing soaps or body wash which are non drying

  5. No to loofa or scrubs

  6. No to using flours for scrubbing body instead of soaps.

  7. Towel dry without rubbing skin

  8. Immediately seal the skin with a long lasting moisturizer.

Clothing in rainy season and November, December:

  1. Keep warm

  2. Wash and reuse clothes - repeated wearing , especially of Jeans, sweaters without washing, in our zone particularly Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, people are more prone for fungal infection

  3. Take care to wear dry clothes only. - if clothes are damp or wet, you can even iron them out to remove the moisture content.

Can body moisturizer be used for face?

Nope. Skin at both places react and behave differently. The moisturisers too have to be kept separate. A face moisturiser can be used on the body, but the vice versa will not be true. If you have an acne prone skin, make sure your moisturiser has "non comedogenic" written on it. Still, get it clarified or recommended by your dermatologist.

How many times should we moisturize your skin?

Apply moisturizer atleast thrice a day, and increase in case of dryness. Rule of the thumb is - skin should always be moisturised. Do not allow skin to be dry anytime. Sometimes, we may need to apply moisturizer atleast five to eight times a day, based on the type of moisturiser and amount of dryness.

Skin issues are wide and varying and many look alike to an untrained eye.

To the general public a fungal infection and an eczema may look the same. Only a dermatologist can know the difference. In case of skin issues, it is important to seek help immediately.

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